Merry Christmas everyone!!

Third Christmas together and still counting. I’m blessed 🎄💕 – with Yan

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The Best Man


Just watched this movie last night and I LOVE IT! Love the story, the soundtrack, the actors & actresses (especially Quentin aka Terrence Howard) and yes Lance and Mia’s wedding vows. I want to share their very beautiful vows in this movie.

MIA : “Lance, my friend, my love, my hero.  Loving you is my heart’s joy.  It teaches me to be faithful to my personal truths.  As I stand beside you this day, I offer you the very heart of me, filled with sacred love. pure, unconditional and everlasting.  For love bears all things, endures all things and believes all things.  Love never fails, and I do love you, Lance, mind body and soul.”

LANCE : “Mia, my darling, my love.  As I stand here beside you this day, know that there is nothing greater than love.  For God is love. And having faith in you and belief in our love, makes life worth living.  And as I stare… as I stare upon your angelic face..I am made whole today, a man with higher purpose. For a woman’s virtue is a man’s greatest glory.  From this day forward we should love one another as God loves us.”


And also when The Best Man (HARPER)’s speech during Lance-Mia’s wedding dinner:

“I have learned from them what it means to be truly committed to another person.  I’ve learned the importance of seizing the moment.  Because you can’t go back.  You can never go back.  You have to live for today.  Not for what was or could have been.  And what will be, no one can say.  But sometimes…you just have to step out on faith and believe that what you have built together is worth preserving.  Because when you are made for each other as much as these two are, it’s definitely… definitely worth preserving.  So to the bride and groom, Lance and Mia, I love you. And may God bless this union.”

YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE! And also the sequel “THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY” perfect for this Christmas season 🙂 Can’t wait for “THE BEST MAN WEDDING” coming soon in 2016!